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Once the student has completed his/her studies, there still remains a thing or two to do: receiving the degree certificate and filling in the employment query. Graduation days are listed in the section Applying for a Degree.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences will organize the graduation ceremony annually at the beginning of June. Students graduated between 1.6. and 31.5. are invited.

If the graduates wish to maintain their contacts with the university of applied sciences and fellow students after entering the working life, they can join the alumni association of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Your user account, home directory and/or mailbox for server will be removed after the graduation. Expiration of the user account »

  • Applying for a Degree

    Application for a Degree Certificate and Graduation – Timetable 2021–2022

    Degree Certificate

    Application´s Deadline

    Graduation Dates

    the Degree Certificate is issued latest by



    30.7.2021 / 27.8.2021




















    31.12.2021 / 25.1.2022























    AVOP feedback

    When the studies are on the homestretch, students still need to give AVOP feedback (Graduand feedback questionnaire) and apply for the degree certificate. Answer first AVOP feedback.

    The feedback survey is answered at

    Please log into the feedback survey through HAKA. If you have logged into the computer with OAMK username and password, select OAMK in the pull-down menu. If you are outside OAMK network, log into the survey with OAMK username and password.

    If needed, please contact, (korvaa # -> @)

    Applying for degree certificate

    After answering to the AVOP feedback, you are directed to an intranet site with links to the degree certificate application forms

    NB: If you do not fill in the degree certificate application immediately after giving the student feedback, save the link to the degree certificate application e.g. by sending it to your email

    You can fill in the degree certificate application form any day.  Please note the following principles before submitting the application.

    • A student fills in the application for a degree certificate 14 days before the graduation date. Applications submitted after the deadline are postponed for later processing.
    • It is possible to apply for a degree once all the studies of the degree have been assessed, registered and possible attempts to raise the grades and rectification applications have been processed.

    The application for a degree certificate is not worth submitting “just in case”. The processing of the application proceeds only if all the studies of the degree have been registered. A student should make sure that his/her credits have been registered well before applying for a degree.

    The application includes an Oulu UAS’s employment questionnaire for the graduates. The existence of a job is recorded also in case a student has a job but work doesn’t start immediately after the graduation.

    The application for a degree certificate is processed by the Educational Department in question and by the Academic Affairs.  A student will not be contacted separately if there are no problems regarding the application.

    The date of the degree certificate is the graduation date when the degree is confirmed. An exception is the situation when student's all credits have been registered by the end of the academic term/the academic year and the degree is confirmed in January/August. In that case the date of the degree certificate is the last working day of December/July.

    The degree certificate is issued earliest at next working day from the graduation date and latest within two weeks from the graduation date. If your graduation day is the last working day of July or December, you will receive your degree certificate after two weeks from your graduation day of August or January, at the latest. (Please, see in the graduation dates table "the Degree Certificate is issued latest by"). The degree certificate will be sent as a registered letter if a student has not agreed to pick it up from the Academic Affairs.

    Further Information

    Academic Affairs

  • Degree Certificate

    When you are applying for degree certificate you have to decide whether you want to fetch the certificate yourself or whether you want it to be sent to you by post. If you decide fetch the degree certificate yourself you will receive an email when the certificate is ready to be picked-up. If you choose to receive the degree certificate by post you will not receive any email confirmation. You will just receive the certificate as a registered letter within two weeks from the graduation day. (Registered letter means that you will receive a notification of a registered letter in your letter box. By taking the notification to the post office you can collect your degree certificate).

    This degree certificate and its attachments (Transcript of Records and Diploma Supplement) are unique documents that are handed to you only once. Keep these documents carefully inside the folder. Contact with a plastic surface may damage the text. Oulu University of Applied Sciences will archive a copy of your certificate. It is not possible to receive another original certificate later on.

  • Diploma Supplement

    In Oulu University of Applied Sciences a Diploma Supplement is issued automatically to all graduates of the degree programmes free of charge. The diploma Supplement is a document in English attached to an original Finnish degree certificate aiming at improving international 'transparency' and at facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications. It is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by a student. It also gives information on the national higher education system and universities of applied sciences' position in it. A Transcript of Records in English is attached to the Diploma Supplement, where all the completed courses and grades are listed.

    Diploma Supplement is not a substitute for the original qualification or a transcript, but it gives more information about the qualification. It offers easier access to job opportunities or further studies abroad, because the Diploma Supplement makes it easier for the employers and educational institutions to assess the skills and qualifications of the graduates. However, the diploma Supplement is not an automatic system that guarantees recognition abroad, but it facilitates academic and professional recognition, thus increasing the transparency and comparability of qualifications.

    Please see also the information sheet on Diploma Supplement fileicon of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

    The length of the degree programme is given in Finnish credits and ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). From 1 January 2005 onwards the Finnish credits are equal with the ECTS credits. A degree of 210 credits corresponds to 210 ECTS credits, 240 credits to 240 ECTS credits and 270 credits to 270 ECTS credits.

    A specimen of an awarded Diploma Supplement and Transcript of Records fileicon

    For further information, please contact: Marjo Pääskylä

    Oulu University of Applied Sciences Awarded a Diploma Supplement Label Three times

    The European Commission has awarded a Diploma Supplement (DS) Label to institutions that ensure transparency and recognition by issuing correct Diploma Supplements. The Commission has awarded the DS Label to Oulu UAS three times. The first DS Label was awarded to Oulu UAS in 2004 among the 28 first higher education institutions in Europe and it was valid 2004 - 2007. The second DS Label was valid from 2010 to 2013 and the latest DS Label from 2013 to 2016.

    The Diploma Supplement, developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES is a document attached to a degree certificate. It is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the original qualification to which this supplement is appended. Requirements for receiving the DS Label include, among other things that a Diploma Supplement will be issued in a widely spoken European language and free of charge to all students upon graduation in all first and second cycle degree programmes. Moreover, the Diploma Supplement given must be correct and in accordance with the requirements set for it.

    More information on the Diploma Supplement can be found at the European Commission website.

  • Staying in Finland After Graduation


    If you are a citizen of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland you do not have to apply for residence permit to work in Finland or to look for a work in in Finland. Citizens of EU/EEA countries can spend three months in Finland looking for work.

    Non EU-citizens 

    Residence permit for Working in Finland:

    When you have completed the degree in Finland, you may apply for a new residence permit from the police or the embassy on the grounds of work after you have found a job.

    Residence permit for job-seekers:

    If you do not have a job after graduation you may apply for a residence permit extension from the local Police to look for a job. The permit is granted only once for six months. The application needs to be submitted before your student’s resident permit expires.

    Please, find further information from the following web pages: 

  • Registering to the Economic and Employment Office

    If you stay in Finland after graduation for job seeking you should register with an Employment and Economic Development Office on the next day from graduation. The officers at the Employment and Economic Development Office will help you in looking for work and will tell you about the employment opportunities available. Please, find further information from

  • Costs for Copies of Degree Certificates and Transcripts of Records

    An original degree certificate is free of charge to a graduating student. For a student one (1) transcript of records is free of charge during thestudies. If more than one copy is asked at the same time the price is two (2) euros per extra transcript of records.

    A resigned student gets a resignation certificate with a free transcript of records.


    A degree certificate with appendices 50 euros

    • For students graduated on 1st November 2003 or after, appendices include transcript of records in Finnish and in English as well as a Diploma Supplement.
    • For students graduated before 1st November 2003, appendices include transcript of records in Finnish and transcript of records in English as well as a Diploma Supplement only if the student has requested them in liaison with graduation.

    A transcript of records in Finnish (without a copy of Degree Certificate) 10 euros

    A transcript of records in English (without a copy of Degree Certificate) 10 euros

    An additional certificate for working abroad is 50 euros and specification done by the head of degree programme 80 euros per an hour. The amount of hours used for the specification is inquired from the Student Services.

    Delivery as a registered letter to Finland 10 euros and abroad 50 euros

    Participation in the examination for other than student of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences 50 euros.


    We provide copies only on original certificates and in the same language that the certificates have been signed over for the graduate. We do not provide any translations of Degree Certificates. If you need an official translation of your Degree Certificate, you must get it translated by an official translator and you bear the costs yourself. We do not provide any translation services on any other certificates either.

    The copies of Degree Certificates are given from our own archivalmaterials. Other copy requests will be referred to other archives institutions,for example to Provincial Archives of Oulu.

    The Student Services certify for a true copy only degree certificates and transcripts of records which they have copied themselves. Copies are given only degree certificates and transcripts of records which are awarded by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The Student Services don’t certify any other copies.

    We send your copies of certificates as a letter. By asking we can also send your copies of certificates as an encrypted email. Please see the instructions:


    1. In advance to the following bank account:

      The Bank: Osuuspankki
      IBAN: FI32 5741 4020 0600 54
      the Payee: Oulun ammattikorkeakoulu

    It is obligatory to mention in the message field: Oamk 10208


    2. Cash on delivery

    Cash on delivery is used only for letters which are sent to Finnish addresses

    The transcripts of records and the copies of the degree certificates or additional certificates for working abroad can be picked up from the Student Services of Oulu UAS or they can be sent as a registered letter. Please agree the mode of delivery with the Student Services in advance. The receipt of the payment is included in an e-mail or it is submitted to the Student Services, if copies are picked up from there. The Student Services does not accept cash payment.

    (Rector of the University of Applied Sciences 2021. Decision 4.10.2021 § 81.)

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