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How to Influence Your Studies

In Oulu UAS students can influence their studies and development of the university by giving feedback, participating in working groups, or by participating in a field-specific student organization or student association.

Student Feedback System

Oulu UAS student feedback system gives equal opportunities to the students to give feedback and improve education. Oulu UAS student feedback system consists of student surveys and course feedback. Student surveys are organised through an electronic questionnaire every year. The aim of the survey is to get the students’ views on what advances their studies, and what hinders students’ progress in studies. Every other year the theme of the survey is studies, and every other year it evaluates services.

Course feedback is collected continually from every study period.  Feedback forms are placed in the student intranet Oiva so all the students can access it and give feedback if they wish. The teacher will develop his / her course according to the feedback. Summaries of the feedback are processed the meetings of the Degree Programme Teams. The summaries of the feedback are also discussed every semester in the feedback sessions, which are open to all the students.

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