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Planning the Studies

  • Course Enrolment

    Our students enroll for all courses in Peppi. Please note that Practical Training as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis are their own courses to which enrolment is also needed. Enrolment is important because without it the course cannot be completed!

    The personal study plan (PSP) is a service that allows students to plan and schedule their studies and also follow the progress of their studies. The enrolment for the courses are also made through PSP.

    You can see the enrolment schedules by clicking on the lessons in the schedule tool. When the enrolment is open, you will see all the courses you could enrol on according to your study plan. To search for more courses with an ongoing enrolment period, select the + icon.

    You can find the instructions for enrolment in the student's Peppi guidelines.The detailed enrolment practices will be announced in Oiva by school departments.

  • Personal Study Plan (PSP)

    Student’s PSP Path


    Career counselling
    (Career Planning Tool)

    PSP discussion with the Tutor Teacher

    Discussing a possible need for special support with the Campus Study Counsellors

    Opportunity for recognising and accrediting learning (HOT)

    Committing to the studies and understanding their content
    Updating PSP (a status review: where am I now, and what next?)
    Updating PSP (a status review: where am I now, and what next?)

    Planning the shift into working life and postgraduate studies


    Learning and studying councelling
    Career planning and professional growth counselling
    Supporting personal growth and wellbeing

    The personal study plan (PSP) is your own plan how you are going to complete the degree. The Head of the Degree Programme will accredit studies according to the student’s personal study plan within the limits of learning acquirements for the degree, scope of the degree and resources of the Educational Department. In addition, your Tutor Teacher and Campus Study Counsellors are able to accept your personal study plan in certain cases.

    You are able to design your personal study plan in Peppi. The curriculum of your study programme determines the frame of your studies. In the framework of degree objectives you can take such a degree as you want and select courses that interest you and support your development of expertise. You can select for example studies from You are able to apply recognition and accreditation of learning (HOT).

    Follow the implementation of your plan regularly. You can update your PSP when your studies proceed and your career plan is specified. For example, a year as an exchange student or matters, which take place in your personal life can affect your plan.

    You can get guidance for PSP from your Tutor Teacher, Head of the Degree Programme or Campus Study Counsellor.

  • Sports Career and Studying

    Oulu University of Applied Sciences is part of the Sports Academy of Oulu (OSUA), a collaboration network that helps combine studying and a sports careers. The athletes are provided support with their studies with the help of personal study plans. The Academy of Sport is meant for students who compete at or who aim towards Finnish Championship level in their age group.

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Accreditation of Learning


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