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  • International Studies

    Oulu UAS’s students opportunities to internationalise themselves have been taken into consideration in all degree programmes and in general in the operations of the institution. Paths for internationalisation are studies conducted in English, studies with an international dimension, studies and practical training abroad, participation in international RDI project, “internationalisation at home” on campus and engaging yourself in the international activities of the student union.

    The curriculum of every degree programme contains 30 credits of compulsory studies in English. These studies can be completed either at Oulu UAS or in a student or practical training exchange abroad. The studies offered in English in the degree programmes enable also incoming exchange students to study with full efficiency at Oulu UAS.

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  • Virtual Studies

    Online courses of Oulu UAS and other universities of applied sciences can be found from The course offering will be published three times a year for the autumn, spring and summer terms. For more information, click here.

    Asian Studies Programme

    MOOC-courses on Asia / University Network for Asian Studies

    From autumn 2021 onwards University Network for Asian Studies will organize four MOOC courses, that the degree students of Oamk are able to complete free of charge:

    Johdatus Itä-Aasiaan (3 cr) 1.10-15.12.2021, language of instruction Finnish

    Johdatus Kaakkois-Aasiaan (3 cr) 1.10-15.12.2021, language of instruction Finnish

    Johdatus Etelä-Aasiaan (3 cr) preliminary schedule: 14.3.-5.6.2022, language of instruction Finnish

    Introduction to Business in East and Southeast Asia (3 cr) 10.1.-3.4. 2022, language of instruction English

    The course descriptions of the new MOOC courses will be updated to the website of the Asian studies network during summer.

    If you would like to have Asian Studies included in your degree at Oulu University of Applied Sciences, please be in contact with the Head of your Degree Programme.

    If you would like to complete traditional, non-MOOC courses of the University Network for Asian Studies, you can register to the the courses as a separate right self-paying student.

    You can apply for the non-MOOC courses through the course registration of the Asian studies network (3 times a year before the beginning of the semester) and pay the study fee of a separate right student 250 €, that entitles you to complete 25 credits of Asian studies.

    Further information on Asian Studies.

    Circumpolar studies

    The Circumpolar Studies program of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) is an exciting way for students attending University of the Arctic member institutions to learn about the North, with courses held online and around the world in other UArctic member institutions.

    The Circumpolar Studies program gives students the opportunity to learn about the lands, peoples, and issues of the circumpolar world and prepares them for advanced study or professional employment e.g. in fields of sustainable resource management, self-government, Arctic engineering, and northern tourism. Special emphasis is given to matters concerning Indigenous people of the Circumpolar North.

    Students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences can include Circumpolar Studies e.g. in free-choice studies, or upon agreement with the Head of the Degree Programme they can supplement the degree completed here, or studies can also compensate studies of the curriculum of student's degree programme. Students completing Circumpolar Studies have a priority when selecting students to the north2north student mobility programme which gives them a chance to complete part of their studies onsite in another north2north member institution.

    The Circumpolar Studies program consists of two required components: The BCS Core and an Advanced Emphasis. The BCS Core consists of a single lower-level introductory course and six upper-level advanced courses in three interdisciplinary fields of study. Together, the core enables students to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the lands, peoples, and critical issues of the circumpolar world.

    More information on Circumpolar Studies can be found on University of the Arctic's Circumpolar Studies site. Studies are free of charge for the students of UArctic's member institutions. Students must register for the studies to the UArctic International Academic Offce in Canada. Students of Oulu UAS should return their registration form to the International Co-ordinator of their school who will deliver it to the International Services to be delivered to Canada.

    Oulu University of Applied Sciences Circumpolar Studies contact person is Sami Niemelä.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Have you ever considered starting your own business? Do you have a good business idea you would like to test in practice but have not dared to try before now? The Business Incubator of the University of Applied Sciences offers you an opportunity to develop your idea together with business experts and professionals during your studies.

    Business Incubator – From Idea to Business

    Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur? Do you have any good business ideas hidden away in your back pocket?

    At the Oulu UAS you can turn your business idea into a business plan. By taking our Think Tank Studies you can get advice from specialists and gain study points while at it. If you have already started a company, our Think Tank Studies can strengthen the development of your business at the beginning stage.

    Studies at the Business Incubator

    You can start taking our Business Incubator Studies at any time by contacting the contact person of your school (contact information in student intranet Oiva).

    The basis of the studies consists of one-on-one meetings, in which the student puts together a business plan together with a personal Business Trainer. During the meetings you will also receive feedback concerning your business plan and comments on how you should proceed.

    The studies also include meetings where all the companies and students included in the project take part. In these meetings you can create important relationship networks. In addition to this, the Business Incubator organises various theme evenings on topics such as e.g. financing, insurances, marketing, and networking. In workshops organised by the Business Incubator the participants can exchange ideas and receive feedback from each other concerning e.g. developing your sales pitch and marketing material.

    The Oulu UAS Business Incubator is situated at the dynamic business centrum Business Kitchen. As a business participant you have the right to use the premises, equipment and facilities in planning and developing your business activities.

    Kickstart – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Develop a Business Idea With a Kick!

    Kickstart is an annually organised business idea competition for students. Participants gain experience in developing a business idea, and at best, the competition can ignite a spark for entrepreneurship. The competition is not bound to any particular field of education. You can participate alone or as a team of total maximum of four Oulu UAS students. The business ideas are polished up and boosted in order to create additional momentum at two different stages of the competition. All in all, the ten best ideas will be awarded.

    The competition is organised by Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Its objective is to promote a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, to create new businesses into the area, and to act as a cooperation forum towards other competitions that promote entrepreneurship.


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