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It is a duty of each member of the community of the Oulu UAS, both students and personnel, to promote equality. The purpose of the Equality Act (1329/2014) is to prevent discrimination based on gender, gender identity or gender expression and to promote equality between women and men.

According to the Non-Discrimination Act (1325/2014) nobody may be discriminated against on the basis of age, ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political activity, labor union activity, family relationships, health, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal trait.

Students may contact the following parties in matters related to equality:

Contact party Preventation, handling and removing of unequal treatment
Campus Study Counsellor, Study Counsellor
  • Learning difficulties
  • Accessibility matters
  • Other discrimination
Head of the Degree Programme, Teacher Tutors, Teacher, Director of School
  • Study feedback from all study courses
  • Student survey
  • Problems related to studies
  • Rectification of assessment
  • Cheating
  • Other discrimination

Academic Affairs Oamk Service Team staff, A representative of an international partner university

  • Problems related to studies abroad
  • Accessibility matters
  • Other discrimination

Student Union OSAKO

  • Harassment Contact Persons
  • Student Representatives
  • Student Tutors


  • Harassment taking place on the bases of sexual orientation, gender or other grounds for discrimination
  • Brings students’ perspective to the decision making of the University of Applied Sciences and equality-related issues to working groups
  • Problems related to studies

Academic Affairs

  • Study psychologist and other Students’ Guidance Services
  • Service Manager and other Oamk Service Team staff
  • Accessibility matters
  • Other discrimination
  • Cheating
Student Healthcare and Chaplaincy University Services
  • Accessibility matters
  • Other discrimination
Board of Examiners
  • Rectification of assessment (if has not been solved with teacher/head of the degree programme)
  • Rectifications related to student selection
  • Rectifications related to the loss of right to study

Equality Plan of Oulu UAS – Students introduces the basis and goals of equality work, documents, work groups and contacts related to equality and also monitoring and assessment of equality work.

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