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Student health service FSHS

FSHS Oulu: Yliopistokatu 1 A, Oulu

FSHS Oulainen, health services: Terveystalo Oulainen, Asemakatu 1, Oulainen
FSHS Oulainen, oral health services is in Ylivieska: Dentist center Jouheva, Asemakatu 4, Ylivieska

All students in higher education can use the service unit of Oulu. The service units of Oulainen and Ylivieska are only open for students who study in Oulainen.

Nationwide service numbers

  • General and mental health services 046 710 1073
  • Oral health services 046 710 1085

You can also contact the healthcare professionals in SelfChat.

The health care fee for students in higher education which is paid to Kela covers all FSHS services for students. FSHS does not charge for other services or appointments.

However, FSHS charges 40 euros if you do not arrive to your appointment or if you cancel or reschedule the appointment in less than 24 hours prior to the appointment.

More information on student health service:

Healthcare fee for students in higher education

If you study at a university of applied sciences for the purpose of completing a bachelor’s or a master’s level degree and you are registered as attending, you must pay the student healthcare fee. In 2021, the fee will be EUR 35.80 per term.

No bill will be sent on the healthcare fee, and thus you have to pay the fee on your own initiative via Kela’s e-service. For the spring term, the due date is 31 January and for the autumn term, the due date is 30 September. The student healthcare fee in higher education is a tax-like charge and not a payment for a visit to a healthcare provider or for individual service. The fee must be paid regardless of where you live or if you are going to use the services.

Out of Hours Services    

In Oulu, out of hours service is provided at the Oulu Region Joint Accidents and Emergency Department. Address: Oulu University Hospital (OYS), Kajaanintie 50, Entrance A1, tel. 116 117.

In Oulainen, out of hours service is provided at the Oulaskangas hospital, tel. 116 117.

Substance Abuse Services for Oulu residents

Telephone: 044 703 6160, Mon–Thu 8–15.30, Fri 8–15

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