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The study psychologist services are available for degree students of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Students can have confidential counseling on problems related to such things as studying, learning, motivation, and well-being.

The purpose of counseling is to strengthen the psychological well-being of the student and together find solutions for problems affecting the students ability to study. Discussions are part of the study guidance services (usually 1-5 times, 45 min each), and they are free of charge for the students. Please do the cancellation latest 24hours before the scheduled appointment, or it will be counted as a used meeting.

To reserve a meeting, please send an e-mail to (korvaa # -> @) – include your name, school, department, and phone number in the message body. Counseling takes place at the Kotkantie Campus, room number E1712, E1714 or B1220 1st floor.

Update: Currently we have some queus to the service because of absence of Antti Äijänen on September 2019. We will contact you as soon as possible after your booking. 

Antti Äijänen
Study psychologist

Mira Mäenpää
Study psychologist intern

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  • Currently we have some queues to the service because of absence of Antti Äijänen. We can take new appointments in 3-5 weeks.  You can make a booking and we will reply you as soon as possible. 

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