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Individual Counselling

What is Study Psychologist´s counselling? Watch the presentation video.
The study psychologist services are available for the degree students of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Students can have confidential counselling on problems related to studying, learning and study ability. The purpose of counselling is to strengthen the psychological well-being of the student and together find solutions for problems affecting the student´s ability to study.

Typical themes are

  • Motivation
  • Progress of studies
  • Study skills and time management
  • Difficulties in learning or paying attention
  • Study ability and stress
  • Study related self-image and self-esteem
  • Stage fright
  • Beginning of studies
  • Traineeship
  • Thesis
  • Graduating
  • Returning to studies after a break

Discussions are part of the study guidance services (usually 1-5 times, 45 min each), and they are free of charge for the students. Please do cancellation latest 24hours before the scheduled appointment so we can help other students in the waiting list. Uncancelled appointments will be counted in the 5 time maximum. 

Students can book a meeting by sending an e-mail to (korvaa # -> @) – include your name,  degree programme, phone number and email address in the message body.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic counselling will be done remotely via videocall, chat or phone call until otherwise notified. Students can request wich tool they prefer. 

Kiia Kilponen
Study Psychologist
Sara Tiainen
Study Psychologist
Pauliina Junnikkala
Study Psychologist
Pia Partanen
Study Psychologist


Staff email addresses: firstname.lastname(at)


Note: The treatment for mental health disorders is done in the health care so in these issues please contact FSHS (degree students) or your own Health Clinic (exchange students from EU countries). Exchange students from other countries than EU countries can use the health care named by their health insurance.

In acute crisis you can go to Acute Reception of your own Health Clinic without booking an appointment. Alternatively you can contact Oulu Crisis Centre or the Student Chaplaincy

Study with me learning environment

Come study together with study psychologist in a virtual learning environment. At the same time, you get to try out how working with Pomodoro (timer) feels. During the meeting, everyone works independently on their own work. Study psychologist will rhythmize the study with the help of a timer. Studying takes place via Zoom, you can attend without registering.


Time: on Fridays from 10:00 to 11:30

  • 26.3.
  • 1.4. note, Thursday! 
  • 9.4.
  • 16.4. 
  • 23.4.  
  • 30.4.  
  • 7.5.  
  • 14.5. 

Participation via Zoom.

Moodle Courses

Study Skills Course 

Learn how to learn and feel better! The goal of this online course is to create tools in your toolkit to help your studies progress and increase your study wellbeing. You will get feedback on your progress from the study psychologists. 

Course themes: study techniques, time management, motivation, study related self-image and self-esteem, stress management.

Participation: You can complete the course independently on Moodle. 

Course title: studyskills

Course key: studyskills2021

Evaluation: Approved/Rejected. If you wish, you can ask the course teacher for a certificate of attendance. You can also complete only a certain part of the course.


Time management workshop

WHEN: February 9, 14.00 – 15.30.

WHERE: KK 238, at the intersection of  Kauppakatu and Väylä at Linnanmaa campus

WHAT: At the workshop we will plan the remaining studies for the rest of the year and calendarize them.

YOU NEED: The list of your unfinished studies, the ways of completing them, a calendar and a smart device with an access to Tuudo.

LOCATION: KK 238, the intersection of Kauppakatu and Väylä, 2nd floor. 

REGISTARATION: by 8th February.

NOTE! The workshop will be organized at campus, but please consider that due to current situation the number of attendees is limited. Please also come only when healthy. You will get a further email to confirm the registeration on Monday the 8th.  If you should have questions, don't hesitate to contact (korvaa # -> @)


Time management and motivation webinar by Study Psychologist Pauliina Junnikkala.

Tips for independent studying webinar by Study Psychologist Kiia Kilponen.

Mini webinars

Studying at a University.  Study Psychologist Hilla Marin. Student life and life as a student - what do I need to know about it?
Goal orientation and planning. Study Psychologist Hilla Marin.  How to maintain motivation and efficiency as a student? Clarifying the long term goals and creating good plans is motivating. When your motivated, goal oriented and well planned you can also manage your time and stress better. 
Time management. Study Psychologist Hilla Marin. How can you make yourself an effective plan for your studies? Why is calendar an important tool for students?
Study techniques. Study Psychologist Hilla Marin. There are different studying techniques and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. Self knowledge is important, when searching for the best methods for oneself. When studying different types of materials, it's often best to use different strategies. 
Student well-being. Study Psychologist Hilla Marin. Student well-being is always a subjective experience of one's own well-being. It could be described as a state where studies are progressing and there's room for other important things in life as well. What about if well-being is at risk? What to do when you are not feeling well? 


Tips for studying. Study Psychologist Pauliina Junnikkala. Tips compiled by a Study Psychologist for more effective studying. 
Tips for well-being. Study Psychologist Pauliina Junnikkala. Study Psychologist´s tips to support well-being. 


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