K1124LI English Business Communication (3 cr)
Prerequisites Not Applicable.
Objectives The students will be able to identify and apply appropriate communicative style orally and in writing in the English language understanding the requirements of cross-cultural considerations.
Content Basic business letters and messages. Practice in reader-friendly writing and use of appropriate style. Terms of business eg terms of delivery and payment as well as methods of payment. Telephone communication.
Recommended optional programme components If necessary, the student advisor will recommend optional programme components for each student based on their individual study plan.
Accomplishment methods Not applicable
Execution methods Not applicable
Materials Not applicable
Literature Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria
Assessment Frameworks Assessment framework (for languages)
Assessment framework
Further Information Skill level B2

For more detailed content, see the implementation plan.
Responsible persons Not applicable
Links Assessment framework (for languages)
Assessment framework


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