MV00CX93 Journalistic Lab (30 cr)
Prerequisites First two years studies in journalism or equal skills and knowledge.
Objectives I am able to identify development requirements in the field of communication and create novel solutions to these requirements. I create a project plan. I take care of the project progress according to the project plan. I work goal-orientedly with others. I apply my knowledge in journalism and evaluate and develop myself. I achieve the qualitative goals set for my work. I report my working and the development of my expertise.
Content Organizing and planning a project. Scheduling, resourcing and budgeting. Manager and employee skills. Project work and documentation. Team work and roles. Developing a journalistic product and your own professional development. Project reporting and presenting.
Recommended optional programme components If necessary, the student advisor will recommend optional programme components for each student based on their individual study plan.
Accomplishment methods Not applicable
Execution methods Not applicable
Materials Not applicable
Literature Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria
Assessment Frameworks Not applicable
Further Information Not applicable
Responsible persons Not applicable
Links Not applicable


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