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Degree Programme in Information Technology

Credits: 240
Type: Bachelor's Degree
Degree Programme: Degree Programme in Information Technology
Title: Bachelor of Engineering
Mode of study:Full time

The principal aim of this programme is to provide students with good skills in programming. A graduate is able to design and program Web Development and applications for PC, Linux and mobile environments. Courses consist of the major server frameworks, databases and associated development environment. They also include client-side technologies together with user experience competence. Technical expertise focuses on the technology, applications, and future trends of Web development.

Students learn both to document their work and to manage in different communicative and interactive situations and apply international knowledge and competences in their own field. Foreigners learn the basics of the Finnish language. Studies in mathematics and physics support the usage of multimedia tools. Software development skills and business knowledge are gained in real life projects in companies. Professional studies consist mainly of software development, web technologies and user experience.

First, the students get a basic knowledge of programming, databases, teamwork and communication. After that, they are able to participate in software projects. Later, they are able to study advanced programming and deepen their knowledge in server programming, mobile application features, different mobile systems, development environments, and mobile technologies. The students also learn about game development, design and tools. The students are able to work as members of a software development team, as designers, programmers and managers.

Graduates start their career in computing industry or set up their own businesses. They will find employment in companies of all sizes. Typically, they will have one of the following job titles as they start to work: a web developer/programmer/designer, a web application developer or a GUI designer.

Studies consist of lessons, workshops, project works, assignments, presentations and possibly remote studies. Students learn mainly by doing. Practically oriented teaching methods and facilities corresponding to the ones of industry enable students to find and apply information as well as making them skilled at using professional tools and equipment.

There are three large projects in the Curriculum in the third and fourth year. The subjects for the projects are given by the enterprises in Oulu region and they can include tasks, such as software design, implementation and testing. These projects together with the practical training and the thesis give a possibility to work in a company for more than a year during the studies. This path is a good start to the professional career. Through project-based learning students can improve their problem-solving, research, and social skills.

The evaluation is based on written exams, project and assignment reports, and workshop presentations.

Multiculturalism and English as a working language are adopted on our international campus. Students can also study abroad at the partner universities and include completed studies in the degree.

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