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7Q00BK51 Developing Safety Culture in Use of Medical Radiation (3 cr)
Prerequisites Not applicable
Objectives Student deepens her or his skills and knowledge on one area of digital imaging. The student is able to be a member of working team in the selected area and is able to develop safety culture in the use of medical radiation.
Content Radiation Safety culture in different areas. Evaluation and development of the use of different modalities in digital imaging from radiographer's point of view.
Recommended optional programme components If necessary, the student advisor will recommend optional programme components for each student based on their individual study plan.
Accomplishment methods 1 ECTS in autumn term: abstract to ECR (European Congress of Radiology) and eposter + 2 ECTS in spring term: participating in the congress and report/article shared in student conference or lectures. Other possibility is a written task in one field of student's interest in imaging and safety culture to be shared in student conference.
Execution methods Not applicable
Materials Not applicable
Literature Not applicable
Evaluation Criteria
Assessment Frameworks Not applicable
Further Information The student may perform Clinical practice O6245RH and produce developing task in clinical practice or in project with certain aims. O6240RH, O6241RH, 7Q00BH71 passed
Responsible persons Not applicable
Links Not applicable


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  • 24.08.2020 - 05.03.2021 (7Q00BK51-3004 | RAD18SM)
  • 30.08.2021 - 04.03.2022 (7Q00BK51-3005 | RAD19SP)
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