TY00CH34 Project Management (5 op)
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Osaamistavoitteet Student will be able to manage projects from a new perspective and use the new project management tools and methods. Student can also apply them in practice in their own professional field. Student is able to utilize their previously gained knowledge to use new project tools in some application area. Student is able to integrate and apply management and technology skills to lead or participate in successful projects. Student will be able to demonstrate the impact of the current trends on project management.
Sisältö Project management tools and methods from a new perspective. Integrate and apply management and technology skills to lead or participate in successful projects. Current project management trends. Collaborative work in Information technology project.
Suositeltavat muut opinnot Tarpeen mukaan opiskelija ja opintojen ohjaaja käyvät läpi muut suositeltavat opinnot HOPS-keskusteluissa.
Suoritustavat Individual and group learning activities in Moodle learning management system. More exact information in Moodle.
Toteutustavat Virtual learning course, with individual and group learning activities.
Oppimateriaalit All the materials and instructions are in Moodle.
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